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Birth chart reading can explain why some people have what may seem as an easy life while others are struggling all the time. Numerology has been around for centuries and successfully applied by many famous and powerful people. The benefit of knowledge from Numerology birth chart reading gives you a competitive edge in today’s world of energy-informational paradigm. Some companies even use it in hiring process and for creating teams that work very well together.

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  • discover your calling in life and take advantage of the “tools” you were given at birth
  • recognize your strong character traits and correctly address your weaknesses
  • exercise your will when needed and know when you should pay more attention to the calling of your destiny
  • understand what actually motivates your true self and make better decisions in life
  • overcome possible challenges in the relationships with a partner and family
  • smoothly go through the crisis years and apply knowledge about important cycles in your life


What about people who are born on the same date? Aren’t their birth charts the same?

You have probably heard that everything is energy. Date of birth holds the information about the energy frequency of a given date. Astrology explains how planets influence the energy of the date. Numerology gives answers to how numbers influence the energy of the birth date (there are also other systems e.g. human design). When a person is born, his or her brain (which is a very complicated radar system) is imprinted with the energy frequency of the date. There is a certain potential or a “parcel from cosmos” that is sent to a certain time and space in order to be realized. We all have free will, experience of past live (there is enough scientific research to claim that reincarnation is in fact real) as well as energy-informational environment (family, teachers, friends, partners, etc) that shape our life. People can be born on the same date, in the same city and even in the same hospital, but due to the factors described above they will have different quality of life. Birth chart provides knowledge about the potential that is given on the date of birth – it is up to each one of us to decide what to do about it.

Is Astrology/Numerology Birth Chart Reading 100% objective?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is nothing in this world that is always 100% objective 🙂 Everything is energy and energy always flows, thus everything always changes. Numerology birth charts are analytical tools that give information about energy-informational environment, strong and weak traits of a person to help him or her realize the given potential. Knowledge received from the reading, if applied correctly, can lead to effective decision making in personal or professional areas – which will inevitably improve the quality of life, 99% of the time.

I have heard that horoscopes are fake, don’t you know that someone just comes up with them and prints them in a newspaper or posts them online?

It is true. There are a lot of charlatans as well as fake horoscopes. Horoscopes can be misleading. In most cases people know their Sun sign and disregard the position of other planets (as well as numbers) on the date of birth. There is more than one planet in our solar system and they all have influence on us. We all know that moon influences water ties around the planet. It is also proven that human body consists mainly of water. Using the same analogy it is possible to claim that the way planets move in the solar system will influence нour life. Numerology have been around for ages and it is historical fact that many powerful people have effectively used it in their life. Birth chart reading is about energy-informational analysis using Astrology together with Numerology and not about telling fortunes or destinies.

What about the fact that other countries use different calendar system? Wouldn’t it effect their Numerology birth chart?

Each one of us is a part of a certain collective consciousness. People who speak English are connected through “English language” collective consciousness, people who are born in China are connected through another collective consciousness, people who follow a certain religion are connected through yet another collective consciousness and so on. People who use a certain calendar system are connected through the collective consciousness of that system and it will influence them. That is why when people change the place where they live, their name or date of birth, their life will change as well. It is a much bigger topic and can be explained further upon request.

Do numbers affect my life? Really?

Each number that we use in life has a certain concept, idea or an archetype behind it. Just like with the fact that there are geometric figures (see Sacred Geometry) behind everything material in our life – everything in life can be described through numbers and in a way has its code. In Numerology, numbers are used to describe the potential the date of birth holds. There is also Name Numerology which gives each letter a number in order to describe certain qualities behind the name. Pythagoras is considered to be a forefather of Numerology and he even had his own religion based on the “harmony of numbers”. He was one of the first scientists of the time to use numbers in order to describe universe which led him to breakthroughs in Algebra, Geometry and other fields.